Caring for Your Silk Pillowcases

The luxurious feel and superior sleep obtained by Silk is one of a kind, but it needs a little TLC in return.  Properly caring for your silk pillowcase means you’ll reap the benefits of your favourite bedtime companion for longer.


So, without further adieu, here are our tips to help you care for your silk pillowcase:

Air Dry

Silk loves air drying.

Don't twist when removing

excess water, just

roll in a towel.


Keep your silk pillowcase

out of sunlight, including when

it is on the bed! 


Silk loves to be washed by hand when possible using a mild detergent with warm water.  When machine washing, always use the "delicate" setting 30 degrees or under.


If your iron has it, use the "silk" setting.  If it doesn't, use the coolest temperature possible.  Iron with a clean iron surface, the pillowcase inside out and free from starch.

body wash

works great!

The DO NOT’s:

  • No harsh detergents

  • Don’t wash on a Hot setting, the heat can damage the silk fibres

  • Don’t tumble dry


Care for your silk pillowcase so it can care for you.  Enjoy your superior sleep.