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Denise Deliseo: Changing Lives

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Denise Deliseo (pictured fourth from left) and her team.

Denise Deliseo has been changing people’s lives for a very long time. For the last 13 years, she has enabled her clients to achieve their desired body and fitness goals by guiding them through the difficulty of cardio and weight training. Denise’s clients have gone on to achieve life-changing results under her guidance.

RS: "Denise, how did your career in the fitness industry begin?"

Denise: "My introduction into the industry began in 2002 when I was struggling with body weight and fitness. Like many others, I felt I was carrying more body weight than I wanted, so I recruited the help of a personal trainer. By 2003, I had achieved amazing results and went on to enter a body building competition. To my delight, I did so well that I was asked to work for the P.T.!"

After a 7-year break, Denise has recently returned to competition. Now, she favours the popular “Figure” divisions, which is a more feminine version of body building. Figure competitors are judged on mass, leanness and symmetry of the body. Competitors are divided into different categories such as age and height. They pose on stage as a group and are compared to their fellow entrants, so stage presence is a must! Body competitors are bare-foot and have their hands closed when posing on stage. Whereas, in Figure competitions, the competitors will wear heels and have their hair, makeup and nails done with their fingers open.

RS: "Do you enjoy the nutrition aspect of competition training?"

Denise: "For the last 5 years, I have enjoyed a vegan diet. Last year, I travelled to Fort Lauderdale, USA to compete in the first-ever Vegan Figure Competition run by the Naturally Fit Federation. I was stoked to make history by winning the 40 strong division."

Denise is still deciding whether she will compete again this year, now in the “pro” divisions. If she decides to compete, we will see her at the Nationals in Melbourne. Then possibly at the world titles in the Gold Coast, followed by a trip to Italy in November to compete with the same Federation.

RS: "What are your career highlights?"

Denise: "I have enjoyed many memorable moments throughout my career. Recently, a lady who lost 20kgs on her own teamed up with Deliseo PT to lose another 20! Another outstanding achievement was a man who lost 50kgs with my guidance. I find personal training life changing and rewarding."


If you would like Denise’s help to achieve your health and fitness goals, Denise trains clients online and in studio. Her details are:

Denise Deliseo Personal Trainer at Muscle & Fitness in Townsville & also has a boutique home studio

Mobile: 0437 635 613 Email: denise@deliseopt.com.au

Find Deliseo PT on Facebook: facebook.com/DeliseoPT

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