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Ruby Simone's Guy-Style Tips

It makes us so happy at Ruby Simone Silk to see modern men practicing self-care to protect and promote their well-being and happiness. We believe prioritising the time to refuel and re-charge is the key to living a balanced life.

At Ruby Simone Silk, we are regularly asked by our male customers if our silk pillowcases are beneficial for them too. The answer is yes! yes! yes! This often sparks conversations about self-care and what men can do to take care of their beauty needs.

While self-care means different things to different people, we’ve put together our top go-to self-care tips to get you started:

  1. Fuel your body with nutritious food

  2. Find exercise you enjoy and do it regularly

  3. Get enough sleep and make sure they’re quality zzz’s (on Ruby Simone Silk pillowcases, of course)

  4. Set some boundaries. Figure out the things that detract from your life and make the change (good-bye checking late-night emails before bed)

  5. Replenish your soul. Find what sparks joy for you - taking a walk amongst nature, getting the sand between your toes or meditation and prayer

  6. Schedule your medical care. Get a great GP and get yourself along to those check-ups

  7. Spend time and connect with the ones you love

  8. Relax. Carve out time to unwind and rest every day

  9. Have fun. Do at least one activity every day that lights you up

  10. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

The men in our lives all sleep on Ruby Simone Silk pillowcases. They love how it has simplified their grooming routine and enjoy the numerous benefits of sleeping on silk.

Concerned about hair loss? The advantage of being able to slide across the silk pillowcase without abrasion means they experienced less fallen hair when they woke.

Sporting stylish facial hair? The smooth effect of the silk meant their beards didn’t rub in one area causing patchy growth. Loving the symmetry they have achieved.

Long or curly hair? Less friction equals waking with less tangles and tamer curls.

Their skin remained more hydrated as skin care products weren’t absorbed by the pillowcase.

Less face creases to ‘iron out’.

Less time in the bathroom each morning!

What are your favourite self-care and male beauty tips?

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